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Collecting damages for a wrongful death is an action you must take if you believe a loved one's death was due to another's negligence, recklessness, or willful misbehavior.
A doctor or healthcare provider (Hospital, Surgeon, Nursing Home, Anesthesiologist, Rehabilitation Center, Family Physician, Pharmacy etc.) commits MEDICAL MALPRACTICE when they NEGLIGENTLY FAIL to act within a certain standard of care that causes death, severe injury, permanent impairment / disability, disfigurement or paralysis to a patient.
In this section, you will find information regarding wrongful death claims, what you need to do to ensure your family gets what they deserve, and a wrongful death attorney can help you get a settlement that will guarantee you have peace of mind at a time when you truly need it.
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A lawsuit concerning medical malpractice can be brought about for a wide range of reasons, like negligence on the part of medical staff that led to personal injury, or oversight that led to a loved one's wrongful death, but those aren't the only two reasons. Regardless of your reasons for needing to take a care provider to court, it helps to know the basics about medical lawsuits so that you can begin building as strong a case as possible.

What Medical Malpractice Cases Involve

When trying to build a case that claims medical malpractice, you need to prove that the defendant had a doctor-client relationship with the plaintiff, and you need to establish that the doctor's actions, or lack thereof, caused the injury or death at the center of the suit. Injuries can include issues like physical pain and mental anguish among others. The various types of medical malpractice that may warrant a lawsuit can include a failure to diagnose an illness or a doctor's failure to warn a patient of known risks.

What You Need to Do

When filing a suit, you need to act quickly because many states have statutes of limitations regarding medical malpractice lawsuits:Virginia requires claims to be filed within two years of the injury or wrongful death.
There are various amounts that a plaintiff can receive from a successful medical malpractice lawsuit, but the details of how much that will be varies from case to case. If you want to be sure you increase your chances of successfully winning your case and receiving the maximum amount, then you need to work with a skilled legal expert.

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