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Prescription Drugs Attorney - Burgess and Perigard PLLC in Fairfax VA
Burgess & Perigard, Fairfax, Va personal injury lawyer, has represented victims and families of victims that have been injured or killed by prescription drugs. Burgess & Perigard has also represented clients who have suffered injuries as a result of pharmacist error or defective drugs. The firm has handled cases of:
  • Wrong Dosage
  • Wrong Medicine
  • Expired Medicine
  • Failure to recognize contraindication errors
  • Failure to monitor medication use
  • Drug Reactions
If you've suffered a serious illness or injury from taking a dangerous drug, whether prescription or over-the-counter, you may be wondering what legal rights you have. Who do you file a drug lawsuit against?
Common questions include:
  • Can I sue the pharmaceutical company who made the drug?
  • How about the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for approving it?
  • Is my doctor liable for prescribing the drug?
  • Does the pharmacy share any responsibility?
Drugs and medicines are frequently at the center of products liability suits. Manufacturers of these products have a duty to appropriately test the drugs and medicines before releasing them into the market, using testing criteria from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These criteria are regarded as industry standards, but the fact that a drug was properly licensed by the FDA has no effect on the manufacturer's liability to an injured plaintiff, if the drug proves to be otherwise defective. As with almost all medical products, except over-the-counter drugs, there will usually be a "learned intermediary" between a drug's manufacturer and the ultimate user. This can be the doctor who prescribes a drug, a nurse who instructs the patient on proper use, or the pharmacist who fills the prescription. Often the lines of liability are blurry, and an experienced products liability attorney can help a plaintiff determine who may be at fault for resulting injuries. We at Burgess & Perigard in Fairfax, Va has the experience you need to help you with your Pharmaceutical liability case.

The Role of Attorneys

Any kind of drug lawsuit requires professional legal representation. Doctors and pharmacies rarely admit to fault, and are often defended by large insurance companies with deep pockets. Only an experienced personal injury attorney has the skills to handle a case like this. An attorney can take depositions, subpoena records, hire expert witnesses, and more.
If you've suffered a serious side effect or illness due to a drug, call Burgess & Perigard in Fairfax, Va as soon as possible. Save the pill bottle, your receipts, and your medical records (to verify the treatment you required as a result of the drug). Bring all your evidence with you when meeting with attorneys.