Trucking Accidents Attorney in Fairfax VA

Trucking Accident Attorney - Burgess and Perigard PLLC in Fairfax VA
Due to the massive size and weight of a tractor trailers, anything they collide with does not stand much of a chance of being unharmed. The size, weight and momentum of a moving eighteen wheelers make truck accidents almost always catastrophic, often resulting in serious personal injury and death. Truck accident cases are more complex than automobile accident cases, and it is recommended that if you or a loved one is hurt or killed in a truck accident, you consult an experienced truck accident attorney who has both the knowledge and resources necessary to fight to get you the compensation and justice you deserve.
It is important that you say nothing at the scene of the accident and agree to no settlements before consulting our firm. Anything you say early on can be documented and then used against you should you decide to sue at a later date. We can protect you from insurance company adjustors who are trained to get you to say and do the very thing that will hurt you in the long run.

Trucking accident causes

An important part of any lawsuit is determining who is at fault and to determine who is at fault, we at Burgess & Perigard are dedicated to help you determine the cause of the accident. Call our experiences legal team to help fight for you.
Common causes of truck accidents include:
  • Driver fatigue
  • Unreasonable schedules
  • Improperly loaded or overloaded trucks
  • Defective equipment
  • Poorly maintained truck
  • Lack of driver training and experience
  • Intoxication
  • Dangerous weather conditions
  • Defective roadways
  • Excessive speed
  • Negligent drivers of other vehicles